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Kundali Remedies

Facing problems in life, unable to decide how to proceed, unhappy with married life, unable to achieve new heights of success, not happy with your business life?

If your answer is yes to the questions above, then its time for you to consult an astrologer, such problems occur due to some vakri graha (angry planet), sometimes when planets are misplaced, they affect our lives.

Rahu, Ketu and Shani are termed as Papi Graha in vedic astrology, if they are misplaced, or if they are placed together with some un-friendly or enemy planets, they cause serious problems in natives life.

Such placements are called as Kundali Dosh, and to get reed of such dosh, one may consult an astrologer, an astrologer can help the native to diminish the negative effects of misplaced planets with the help of yantra, nav-ratna, mantra and kavach.

Cosmic Angle offers Kundali Dosh Nirvaran or removal of kundali dosha, with our strong yantras and mantras, you can control the vakri and misplaced planets, diminish the power of papi graha and help favorable graha to re-establish and give you more success in every aspect of life.



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