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Graha Dosh & Graha Shanti

Various aspects of our lives are influenced by Nav Graha or Nine Planets. The weak graha indicate weak position of various aspects of life like health, profession, relationships and spiritual journey.

The strong planets indicate good progress of the significations ruled by these planets. Some of the NavGraha (Nine planets) act as unfavorable planets for each individual.

The influence of unfavorable (malefic) Graha on other Graha and bhavas (houses) causes loss to the significations of the houses/Graha.

To ease various challenges in life caused by the influence of unfavorable (malefic) Graha, Graha Shanti measures are suggested. The use of gemstones, mystical Kavach (amulet/zodiac pendant) and colors of weak planets are used to strengthen the weak favorable planets for better results of their significations.

Propitiatory remedies are used as Graha-Shanti measures for the unfavorable planets.

For example the weakness of the Sun in the birth chart indicates weak digestion, setbacks to father, heart problem, problems in job, problem to son, setbacks in business, legal action, loss of reputation, stressed stamina. Such a weak Sun would require strengthening of the Sun through gemstone, mystical kavach or the special use of pink, golden and orange colors.

If an unfavorable planet influences this weak Sun, then Graha Shanti would be required for that influencing planet to avoid the setbacks.

Those persons who are born in the middle of any month or during 16th October to 17th October of any year have a weak Sun in their birth charts and they are always vulnerable to persisting problems of weak digestion, recognition, challenges in profession, health of self and son, relations with employer/government, etc.

The malefic or retarding actions of significant planetary influences has traditionally been regarded as one of the prime causes for lack of success and disharmony within the home. This Puja is performed to appease and correct whatever planetary imbalances may be prevailing in one's destiny.

Satisfaction, Peace, spiritual wisdom, humane feelings and all round progress is what an be achieved through Graha Shanti Anushthan. This helps in building an environment whereby the positive ambience is created within the environment and helps in fulfilling of specific intentions. The positive vibrations keep the evil forces at bay and hence brings in propserity and happiness within the family.

Astrology helps gain favorable influence from the planets. "Graha Shanti" as it is called, helps reduce the negative effects of our past karma as expressed through the agency of our "cosmic counterparts" in the form of the seven planets plus Rahu and Ketu.



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