Tula (Libra)

Master Planet: Venus / Shukra

Astrology Name:Ra, Rha, Ri, Ree, Rhi, Ru, Roo, Rhu, Rey, Ray, Rhe, Ro, Rau, Rho, Rhau, Ta, Tii, Tee, Thee, Thii, Tu, Thu, Tho, Te, The, Tay

Represented by the Scales, the people born under the Zodiac Sign Libra (Tula), the seventh Sign in the Zodiac calendar, are natural charme₹ From this point in the Zodiac calendar, a shift is noticeable, wherein the last six Signs focus on the individual's contact with the world. On the other hand, the first six Signs tend to concentrate on themselves.

The Libra-born, as it is often observed, hate to stay alone. They will initiate conversations and socialise, keep themselves surrounded with people, and focus sharply on how they relate to the othe₹ A pair will do it much better than an individual effort, they staunchly believe! And hence, when paired, they perform better, be it at work or at home. The Libra epitomise balance, harmony and a sense of fair play.

Tula (Libra)Objective and just, the Libra want to do what is best for everyone. Not surprising that the Scales are frequently called upon to settle disputes, something they do with a keen sense of justice. This penchant for fairness often stems from a personal need - to avoid conflicts and confrontations. Keen strategists and great organisers of groups, they know how to get things done with utmost poise.

The Libra also like to put their mind to good use; they enjoy communicating their thoughts to othe₹ They employ a definite tact to get to know others better, to make a fair argument, be diplomatic and to compromise. However, if a combined effort of all these fails to perform as desired, their persuasive charms are employed in full scale to get their way. However, it is not to say that the Libra are manipulative - in fact, they often are too nice for that. Polite and never willing to fight, far preferring to talk things through, they would rather get the going through the force of their tongue. Most Libra seldom get worked up, when faced with an opposing viewpoint. They would rather take a deep breath and consider all the options in the spirit of cooperation. These qualities make them well-suited for a number of career options. Career ask a Question, if you have one in mind and get personalised, Birth Chart based astrological guidance on a pointed query related to career matte₹

Diplomatic and polite, the Libra-born hate uncouth behaviour. Always balanced, pleasant and beautiful, they possess an easygoing manner that makes things they desire, quite easily accessible to them. However, they are often accused of being lazy. But it is only because they work overtime and need to recuperate. Nevertheless, their indecisiveness is their biggest drawback, which often leads to delays, as they keep weighing the pros and cons.

For Libra, emotional relationships are based on an equal give and take. They tend to get attracted to the opposite sex quite frequently, before getting into a life-long commitment they should weigh things carefully for themselves. As far as Libra Sign is concerned, Libra-Libra, Libra-Gemini, and Libra-Aquarius are ideal matched. When in love, the Libra are a bundle of energy, romantic and loyal to the core.

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