Gemstone Consultancy

As per vedic astrology, there are nine planets and tweleve zodiac signs, each planet rules one or more zodiac signs, each of the nine planet show some good or bad influence on a person as per the position they have been placed. The position of planets is made out of Lagna Chart in Janam Kundali.

One more interesting fact in Vedic Astrology is Vimsottri Dasha, Dasha is nothing but a time span where one of the nine planets shows major effect on the person, the timespan of dasha is between 9-22 yea₹

Based on the above two facts - the position of planets and the ongoing dasha, most of the astrologers suggest gemstones in order to get most out of ones fortune. Following the same pattern, we also suggest gem stones as alike.

Gemstone and Financial Positions

Gemstones can help us to uprise our earnings, people can do good in business, they may switch business as per there planets, those who are in service arena can see promotions, or they may also get better job opportunities.

In general terms, Emerald is considered as the best stone for gain in financial status, but there is no specific stone for specific task, we have to consider the position of all the nine planets, and accordingly we need to suggest one or more gemstones to natives which gives them good results.

Gemstone and Personal Affairs

Gemstones can influence personal affairs like marriage, relationship, children, altough a bigger part is played by the native itself, but the gemstones helps to control the mind of a native.

If there is delay in marriage, wearing Amethyst for Male or Yellow Sapphire for Female can help to make the planets favorable for possiblity of marriage. Simmilarly, if there is trouble in ones married life, wearing pearl can help to control the situations.

Gemstone and Luck

It is widely accepted and understood that Gemstones (actually planets) can influence ones luck, but this is only possible with 100% natural gems, duly activated through vedic process, and the native remains faithful to vedic process and performs or recites the given matras or rituals.

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