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Namaskaar, Cosmic Angle offers you various astrological and vedic services online, our astrology services includes creation of Janam Kundali, horoscope (faladesh), match making, graha dosh nivaran, kundali dosh, shani sade satti and gemstone consultancy. Paypal Secure. Whether you are unable to find a job or facing problems in getting married, whether you are looking for forward to build a house or unable to make out the maximum from your fate, we can help you by suggesting various vedic solutions for your problems.

Astrology, Horoscope & Gem Stone Consultancy

We follow navamansh vedic astrology system, our calculations are computerized and we can offer you a quick and accurate astrologic solution, whether you want to know your future or need help in solving some of your problems which can only be solved by astrological means, we are always there to help you. We provide horoscope predictions on monthly and yearly basis, if accurate date and time of birth is provided we can also provide a daily and weekly horoscope prediction, we can also suggest you what kind of problems you may face and solutions to weaken or barring those problems by means of astrology shastra.

Gemstones help us to overcome the bad and evil effects of misplaced planets, our gemstones are purified and powered by vedic rituals and mantras, we offer various gem stone solution in the form of pendants, lockets, rings, chakras and yantras. To maximize the power of gemstones and yantras, we also offer various mantras, aartis (poem of devotion), kavach etc, which if cited regularly and religously can help you diminize the evil effects of misplaced planents.

Rahu Dasha, Ketu Dasha & Shani Dasha

Rahu (Dragons Head), Ketu (Dragons Tail) and Shani (Saturn) are called Evil plants, if they are misplaced or placed with enemy or non friendly planets can cause various negative effects on your life, however, vedic astrology provides powerful solutions for such aspects, consult us to help you to get reed of such problems.

Yantras & Vedic Mantras

You can benefit from various vedic yantras we offer, we have yantras for various purpose which includes career, marriage, income, business, child birth, health problems and evil effects. Yantra Our yantras are made from Iron and Copper and are 24 Carat Gold Plated, you can keep these yantras at your home or business place and get several benefits like peace of mind, growth in business, advancement in career etc, most of yantras do not require recitation of any mantras, however, if you are able to devote yourself and recite given mantras, you may see quick benefits and results.

Precious & Semi Precious GemStones (Up Ratna)

NeelamWe have a huge collection of Precious gemstones also known as Navratna, our collection includes Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Coral, Pearl, Cats Eye etc, these gemstones are natural and not heat processed or artificial gems. We personally go through your kundali and to find planet position and accordingly we suggest you the gemstones which are to be worn. Ruby

If in case you are unable to purchase or procure the GemStones (Navratna), we have a huge collection of Semi Precious gemtones (Up Ratna), these stones are powerful (not as navratna gemstones) and can help you to minimize the effects of negative and evil effects of misplaced planets, these gemstones are affordable and if worn with devotion and respect, can be very useful and helpful.

We empower the gemstones (Precious and Semi Precious) by various mantras, rituals and pujas, the process is called activation, generally gemstones are in sleeping mode and are awakened or activated by rituals and prayers, each stone is accordingly worshipped and empowered indivisually.

Horoscope & Match Making

We offer accurate horroscope match making solution for our clients, our horoscope service includes overall prediction about you and your life, various aspects like career, marriage, love, business, fame, health and education. We also offer match making solution, we go through each kundali and carefully inspect the effects of each planets, we also offer solutions for various kundali doshas effective in marriage which includes Manglik Yog, Kaal Sarp Yog and Gand Mool Nakshatra yog.

Disappointed, Feeling like Comitting Suicide

Feeling like dying or killing yourself, want to commit suicide?Pendant

Do not worry, everything will be alright, give us a chance we can revert the negative effects of misplaced planets in your horoscope, we assure you, if you follow our instructions with faith and devotion, we can help you to change your fate, with few mantras, gemstones and yantras we together can end all your troubles, fix all your problems and you would soon start loving your life.

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