Online Astrology Consultancy

We understand that its not possible for everyone to meet us personally to for astrological consultation, so we have started Online Astrology Consultancy, where we offer all over services through WhatsApp, Phone Call or Skype. Online Astrological Consultancy is great for people who wants to consult us for there problem, but are far from our location, and cannot meet us personally.

You are free to choose any communication medium viz Phone Call, Skype or Zoom Meeting or Whatsapp Call to consult us for your problems, you will get the same services as people do by visiting us personally, there will be no discarmenation, altough there are multiple benefits of using online mediums to consult us for all your astrological requirements. You dont have to face traffic, you can quickly connect with us and you can immediately get the services at same rate and attention.

To consult us, you can call us at or you can email or WhatsApp us, we will need the following information to analyze your horoscope -

  • ID Proof
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Picture of Left Palm
  • Picture of Right Palm
Please note that the accuracy of our astrological services depends on the accuracy of birth details, so we would request you to kindly furnish the best possible details.

Book Apointment

We would request you to kindly book apointment before visiting any of our chambers, please call +91 90388 99098, you can also whatsapp on this number.

Our Fees

Our fees is just ₹ 1,100 or $25 for 15 minutes of consultancy, if you need more time, then you will be billed at the same rate, we will answer any 3 questions of yours, so ask your questions wisely.

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