Horoscope Predictions

By going through a Janam Kundali, or the Birth Chart, a vedic astrologer can predict the overall charector of the native, his basic abilities, his inclinations towards things, his attitute etc.

Along with, one may can also identify a native's weakness, strength, favorable (planets) and unfavorable (planets) timing.

Not all planets do good and not all planets do bad, rahu in house eight does not means death by accident, it means prone to accident, if other planets (saturn, mars, jupiter) are in strong position and are favorable, the effect of rahu may get dimnished.

For a personal horrorscope reading and related predictions, contact us, we do not provide computerized predictions or remedies, we use computers just to make the horoscope charts, rest all is derived after detailed study of natives charges, dasha and planet position.

If you would like to generate Horoscope Predictions for one year based on Vedic Astrology, then please click here to proceed.

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