About Us

Cosmic Angle is run and managed by Mr. Rajiv Kumar, he has been practicing astrology since 2001 and have helped many indivisuals through gem stones, yantras and mantras.

Mr. Rajiv is now based in Calcutta, and has helped a number of persons through gemstones, tantra-mantra and yantras. He has a good knowledge of gemstones and he purchases all gemstones after careful considerations, he does not buys or recommends melfic gemstones.

Our Approach

Our approach is very simple - Empower the weak planets by wearing favorable gem stone, calm the effects of permanently placed planets in weak planets by various astrological means which includes mantras, tantras and other measures.

Our methods are simple and we always suggest least expensive measures, however for ratnas, one can wear the costly Ratna (Precious), or a cheap Up-Ratna (Semi Precious).

One of our important practice is, we follow both janam kundali and palmistry, which helps us to be more accurate and provide helpful measures for a person.

Our Strength

Our accuracy is our strength, there are certain things in ones life, which must happen, like Birth and Death etc, no one can stop these. On the other hand, there are various things which may or may not happen and there effects can be diminished, for example - accidents, diseases, poverty etc, if its in your kundali or luck that you would meet an accident, it cannot be by passed, however, the effect of the planets which cause the accident can be reduced, so instead of a fatal accident, you may see a small accident in your life.

Simmilarly, few people come us for wealth, you need very lucky stars to become Tatas or Ambanis, however, using suitable gemstones or tantras, we can get the blessing of planets which can help us to earn more and gain more.

Important Consideration

Janam Kundali helps us to learn about the planetary position during birth, palmistry helps us to learn about the gifts (and curse) given by God to the native based on his previous birth, however, all the tantras, mantras, jap tap etc depend on your present life style, if you do bad things in this life and ask for remedies, or you wear stone for something and do something forbidden, this reduces the power of you and the stones you wear, or the jap or tap you perform.

Forbidden Things

Here are few things which are not allowed or may cause the astro remedies to fail, please read them carefully -

  • Disrespect to Women, Rape, Rape Attempts etc
  • Murders, Mass Murders, Violent Speech
  • Disturbing others, specially Handicapped ones - Try to live simple, a curse from a crying man works more than stones you wear
  • Violence against plants, animals, cutting down of tree or forests, culling animals etc
  • Extra Marital Affairs - If you are married or engaged, be loyal to your partner
  • Dis-respect to parents, elders
  • Discarding ones own religion or dharma (If you are a Brahmin and you eat meat, all stones you wear are worthless)
  • Drugs, Alcohol - These effect your mind and your soul

Know Your Rashi