Medical Astrology

Medical astrology or health astrology which governs health and overall wellness of human beings is a specialised branch of Vedic astrology. Over the last few years, the topic of astrological reasons and remedies for illnesses in medical astrology has experienced excellent evolution, and this procedure has been consumed as a subject of study by prominent universities around the world.

Medical Astrology indicates, the planetary influences which cause the various diseases, afflictions and accidents. It gives a clear picture of planets and its relation to disease, what disease will be produced under different planetary conditions, the duration of such diseases and whether or not they would prove fatal. Sickness in its various forms is caused through the differently composed afflictions of planets in the various signs of the zodiac and houses in the horoscope.

To have sound constitution and robust health, the lagna and its lord should be strong and the lord of 6th should be weak. Astrology and Medicine are intimately linked in as much as the science of healing, forms an important part of remedial astrology. Sun is a natural atamkaraka and gives health and energy. It should be strong and free from malefic influence (especially of the Saturn or Rahu) to give good health. Moon the planet of mind should also be frees from affliction for a clear and sound thinking.

Zodiac & Body Parts

Each of our body parts links with a specific zodiac sign. However, some Zodiac signs threaten disease of prolonging, chronic, and tedious nature. Although, each sign has specific quality and specification and plays a very vital role in the structure of our body.

  • Aries - Head, Brain, Face
  • Taurus - Throat, Neck, Lips
  • Gemini - Lungs, Hands, Arms
  • Cancer - Stomach, Breasts, Chest, Ribs
  • Leo - Heart, Sack, Spine, forearms
  • Virgo - Intestines, Lower spine, Fingers, spleen
  • Libra - Kidneys, skin, Lumbar region
  • Scorpio - Bladder, Anus, Nose, Appendix
  • Sagittarius - Hips, Thighs, Nerves, Arteries
  • Capricorn - Knees, Joints, teeth, skin
  • Aquarius - Legs, Ankles, Circulation of Blood
  • Pisces - Feet, Toes, Lymphatic system

Planets & Organs

  • Sun: Heart, back, spleen, blood, brain, right eye of a man, left eye of a woman, vitality
  • Moon: Stomach, uterus, ovaries, breasts, saliva, left eye of a man, right eye of a woman
  • Mercury: Nerves, mind, brain, tongue, speech, lungs, hands, arms, ears, hair
  • Venus: Throat, internal generative organs, kidneys, ovaries, complexion, reins, veins, cheeks
  • Mars: External generative organs, rectum, Nose, fore-head, gall bladder, muscles, bile
  • Jupiter: Liver, arteries, hip bones, feet, thighs, arteries, right ear
  • Saturn: Bones, gall bladder, skin, left ear, joints, teeth, spleen

12 Houses & Diseases

In Astrology 6th, 8th and 12th houses are dusthanas. Malefics in these places are not good for health. 6th house is of diseases and the 6th lord does give ill-health during its dasal bhukti. In any chart look to the planet in the sixth from lagna and Moon, lords of 6th and the sign containing 6th house. These all combined together will give a clue about the disease and the part of the body affected by that disease.

First House

The above most part of our body i.e Head, mind, hair, skin takes the falls in. Also, the physical ability, general health are governed by the 1st house of Astrology. Moreover, it also indicates the native's physical stature, vitality, and vigor. However, if the ascendant cusp lord and the ascendant lord are well placed by house aspect and conjunction, it will give good health to a person.

Second House

Our face, right eye, teeth, tongue, nose, voice, nails, brain state fall under the 2nd House. However, high fever, disease of heart, stomach, and skin, bone fracture, leprosy, internal fever, brain trouble are also caused by the weakening of the second house.

Third house

Neck, throat, collar bones, hands, breathing, body growth all these things fall under the 3rd house. However, it can cause diseases of the head, poisoning, cuts, wounds, sore eye, itches, blood pressure, loss of energy, etc. Moreover, diseases of female organs, bone fracture, tumors, cancer, piles, menstrual disorder, ulcer, dysentery, rectal diseases, chickenpox, etc also fall under the governance of 3rd house.

Fourth house

Our chest, heart, lungs, blood pressure, and breast of women fall under the fourth house of astrology. However, this house is mostly related to the diseases caused by women hormones and has a tendency to weaken the body parts up to a certain limit which can even cause death.

Fifth house

The upper abdomen, heart, gall bladder, vitality, intestines, intelligence, thinking, sperm and womb come under the fifth house of Astrology. However, it is also called the house of cure or absence of sickness. During the period of 5th house, the health of the people improves and they find themselves moving towards a stable health state.

Sixth House

Our digestive system, kidney, uterus, anus fall under the category of the sixth house. However, the Sixth House in the astrology chart is also known as the house of sicknesses in Medical Astrology. Moreover, Planets in any manner connected to the 6th house cause diseases. The weakening of this house means your health will suffer and there are high chances of falling sick.

Seventh house

The uterus, ovaries, and ovaries, sperm, and prostate gland come under the 7th house of Astrology. However, diseases of the face, venereal diseases, indigestion, throat trouble, diabetes, sexual incompetence can also affect you during this period. Moreover, impotency, dropsy, fever, and diseases of glands. gonorrhea, goiter, gout, cysts, urethral diseases, hernia, general debility are also caused by the weakening of this house.

Eighth house

External genitalia, organ mutilation, long illness, accident, sex fall under the eighth house. However, the Eighth house in the astrology chart is considered to have a direct bearing upon one's longevity or span of life in this world. Moreover, weakening of this house even causes misfortune, mental anxiety, surgery etc.

Ninth house

The ninth house symbolizes knees, thighs, joints, bones, etc. However, according to medical Astrology, it can also cause weakness, stomach pain, damage loss of limbs bone fracture, diseases of bones, etc. However, diseases related to teeth, skin, blindness, mental worry, wounds, paralysis, hysteria, tumors, baldness also fall under the governance of ninth house.

The tenth house

The tenth house has almost the same function as of the ninth house. However, it usually contains diseases like stomach pain, blindness, wounds, joint pain, bone fractures, etc.

Eleventh House

The eleventh house indicates calves, left ear, left arm, buttocks, etc. However, this house is generally related to chronic diseases. Moreover, Horoscopes of sick people reveal the diseases they experience are generally governed by the Lord of the eleventh house.

Twelfth House

Our left eye, insomnia, the balance of mind, disability, foot, death, physical pleasure, and sorrow. However, the 12th house in the Astrology chart is the house of hospitalization, imprisonment, loss of property, marriage problems, etc. The twelfth house generally relates to the cure of diseases according to Medical astrology

Remedies for Medical Problems

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