Kemadruma Yog

When there are no planets on both sides of the Moon, Kemadruma Yog is formed. The person will be dirty, sorrowful, doing unrighteous deeds, poor, dependent, a rogue and a swindler. Some authors say that if planets are in a kendra from birth or from the Moon or if the Moon is in conjunction with a planet there is no Kemadruma. There are yet other authors who say that these yogas arise from kendras and navamsas but these observations are not generally acceptable.

Varahamihira adds emphasis by saying that when persons born in royal families are subjected to such degradations much more of these unfortunate results must be predicted than in the case of persons born in ordinary families. Sorrows mean physical as well as mental. The word Neecha is used in the original & this refers to such acts as are prohibited by the religious, moral & social codes & are therefore held to be disgraceful.

The person who is having Kemdrum Yog should not run the independent business entrepreneurship in his own name alone, particularly when all financial decisions are to be taken by him alone.He should also not carry the posts with financial responsibilities particularly when th risk and benefits of the company are fully dependent upon him.

The Kemdruma yoga should be considered as a negative factor when selecting finance executive for strenuous and risky works as it reduces the endurance limit of person to bear the stress.

The said results are experienced more effectively when the moon is operative in Dasha or Antar or Pratyantar.

When, Dasha of Chandra is operating for a Kemdruma Yoga person, he should avoid starting a big venture in his own name. The venture which carries great efforts to manifest the big dream based only on his whim, may fail miserably and if oth planetary combinations are adverse, this could create long lasting, sometimes life long stretches of the mistakes.

If this type of situation arises forcefully and a Company/ Organization is to be formed, it is desirable that he should not be owner of the company but he should kee his status as the salary drawing employee of his own company. Further, the interesting fact is that the persons having Kemdruma Yoga have some affinity amon themselves and they form the group easily. Such relation is the expedition of two Moon finding mental support of each other.

Destruction of Kemdruma Yoga

Kemdrum yoga is destroyed with the presence of Moon in the center from the ascendant. Due to the destruction of Kemdrum yoga, its inauspicious effects are also destroyed. Some other condition in a Kundali also destroy the ill effects of this Yoga. Kemdrum yoga is destroyed if Moon is in an auspicious house or if Moon is in the ascendant or if Moon is exalted in the tenth house or if Moon is strong and Sunfa, Anfa or Durudhara Yogas are being formed in a Kundali.

A person is also free from the ill effects of this yoga if there is planet in the center house from the Moon.

According to some shastras, if there is a planet in the center, second, twelfth or ninth house from the Moon, Kemdrum yoga is destroyed. Kemdrum yoga is also destroyed if Moon is in the sign of an auspicious planet. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are considered to be auspicious planets. Such a person receives all the happiness from his wife and children and lives a good life.

Remedies for Kemadruma Yog

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