Subh Kartari Yog

Subh Kartari Yog is formed when two benefic or malefic planets surround the lagna or the Moon or any other house. This situation enhances the qualities of the centred house.

When benefic planets occupy the 2nd and 12th house from a certain house, that house is said to have Shubha Kartari Yoga.

How is Shubh Kartari Yoga Formed

The planets which are involved in the formation of Shubh Kartari Yoga are Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury. These planets have auspicious effects in the case of Shubh Kartari Yoga

In Shubh Kartari Yoga, a house is flanked by a beneficial planet on either side. One or more planets cause a beneficial effect if they are located next to each other. These house locations can vary according to the positions of beneficial planets and hence the corresponding gains of the related planet positions.

Significance of Shubh Kartari Yoga

This yoga contributes to the spirituality of a person. The natives of this yoga are said to be constantly on the move, taking up long journeys. Those with this yoga are advised to look after their fathers or father figures to become eligible to draw upon the benefits of this yoga throughout their lives. This makes the Shubh Kartari Yoga a significant part of your overall life and your inheritance.

Effects of Shubh Kartari Yoga

If you have this yoga in your birth chart, there are good chances that you will receive double the advantages of the benefic planets that surround you. Some of these effects are:

  • Shubh Kartari Yoga causes the particular house to yield the most promising results to bring happiness and prosperity to the native, and encourage a zeal for creative arts.
  • Those with this yoga in their kundali will have an affectionate relationship with their near and dear ones. They always have their goals set and strive to achieve these goals.
  • Shubh Kartari Yoga makes the native a gallant diplomat driven by sheer energy and valour.
  • This yoga helps the native to excel at academics, the fruits of which they will enjoy at a later time.
  • The person will also excel at competitive sports

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