Manglik Dosh

In the Indian Vedic Kundali Matching there is a lot of importance to Mangal Dosha, Kuja Dosha, Kuja Dosham, Manglik Dosha, Manglika Dosha, in these days.

Manglik dosha means a Dosha or a defect caused by the effect of planet Mars or Mangal. A comparative analysis of the Birth Chart (Lagan Kundali), the Moon Chart (Chandra Kundali) & the Navamsha is done to conclude whether a person is Manglik or not. Manglik dosh or mangal dosha is much talked about topic in Indian society and manglik dosha analysis is the integral part of the horoscope matching process before marriage. In the horoscope matching process if all other attributes matches but there is a mismatch in the manglik status of the prospective bride and groom, the marriage between them will be considered inappropriate.

Mangalik Dosha is formed when Mars is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th house from the ascendant (lagna) in lagna horoscope, from the moon sign in Chandra horoscope or navmansha horoscope. If this placement of Mars happened in one of the above mentioned charts then the ill effect will be lesser. If this happened in two or all of the charts then the ill effect will be more severe.

The highest degree of this Manglik dosh is formed when mars is placed in ascendant (lagna) or the seventh house. These two placements form two most severe manglik dosh out of which placement in seventh is the most severe of all. Next in severity in decreasing order come the Mars in eighth house, then forth and then twelfth house. In addition to mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu and ketu's placement in the houses mentioned above also forms partial Manglik dosh.

Mars is considered the most malefic planet as far as marriage of a person is considered. Mars is a fierce planet and its placement in certain houses results in Mangalik dosha. Marriage is considered as one of the most auspicious ceremony. In Hindi the word Manglik denotes auspiciousness. Hence a manglik dosha makes the even inauspicious or causes problems in this event.

The most common effect of Manglik dosha is Delay in Marriage. Manglik dosha causes the marriage to be solemnized as late as at the age of 34 years, 38 years and even in 40s . Apart from this if a manglik boy/girl is married to a non-manglik spouse then the event of death or severe accidents have been witnessed by many couples which lead to death, permanent disability of the non-manglik spouse. Manglik dosh causes excessive delay in the marriage. There are so many Boys/girls who are afflicted by this dosha and because of this, there are going through a bad phase of life whether it is due to delay in marriage, fight between couples or divorce. Hence, it is advisable that a Manglik boy or girl must always be married to a manglik partner only. Some experts have the opinion that the Manglik Dosh is neutralised when the native reaches his late 30s in life.

Effect of Mangal in Various Houses in Manglik Dosha

In the 2nd House, Mangal gives temperamental speech and as it aspects the 7th and the 8th Houses, it again hurts the matrimonial home, through speech.

In the 4th House, Mangal gives hurt emotions and as it aspects the 7th House, ones influence of hurt emotions and feelings will hamper the marriage.

In the 7th House, the partner will also be hot tempered and as his Mangal aspects the ascendant, the person himself or herself will be temperamental so sparks are deemed to fly everywhere in the married life.

In the 8th House, Mangal destroys the longevity of oneself and with its aspect to the second house, creates hot speech, influencing marital harmony.

In the 12th House, Mangal will aspect the 7th House and as it is in the 12th House of bed comforts, one may be highly active in sexual activity and hamper the marriage home due to frivolous sexual demands and activity.

Manglik Dosha Cancellations or Neutralization

Unfortunately most of the time, people purely and instantly predict Mangal Dosha just by noting the planetary position of Mangal. But many people do not heed to the notes of Parashar about the natural cancellation of Mangal Dosha.

Whenever Mangal becomes the Ascendant Lord or Yog Karaka, the Dosha gets nullified, naturally. Mangal in conjunction with or under the aspect of Guru (Jupiter) as Guru is a wise man, it propitiates Mangal.

Moon and Mangal together in a sign (conjunction), will also nullify the Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha. Debilitated Mars (Neecha Mangal) in sign Cancer, nullifies the Dosha.

When one crosses the age of 28 or 30, Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha gets naturally nullified as by that time one naturally gets more matured about one's anger and temperament.

Further, even if one has a Mangal/ Kuja Dosha, if the prospective bride or groom, has Shani in any of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th Houses, the Dosha gets nullified, because Shani, is the opposite of Mangal. It is cold and practical and so can handle the temperament of Mangal.

The manglik dosha also gets nullified or neutralized, if mars co-exists with Rahu or Ketu in either of the houses.

The Shadbala strength should also be checked, because if it is weak in Shadbala, is of Vriddha Avastha or Mrut Avastha or Baal Avastha, Mangal cannot do any harm.

Misconception of Manglik Dosh

You are advised to come out of this misconception of double Manglik dosha as there is no such thing called double Manglik dosha. When the planet mars is present in its own house it is considered to double the effect of Manglik dosh but in reality it will decrease the effects of dosh instead of increasing it. People born on Tuesday are believed to have Manglik dosh. On the other hand, it is considered to neutralize the evil influence of Manglik dosh by several astrologe₹

The bad effects of Manglik Dosh can be reduced with the help of astrological remedies which would generally include the performing pooja, chanting mantras and wearing Gemstones. A special pooja is performed in the Mangal Nath temple, ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, by experts Pandit ji. You are advised to consult an expert Vedic astrologer in order to evaluate the level of dosha and malefic. It is important to know the level of Mangal dosha in order to come up with the right remedies with the help of your true guide and or an expert Vedic astrologer.

Remedies for Manglik Dosh

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