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Here we provide solutions to problems which takes place in your life after marriage, if you are facing delay in marriage or late marriage, then please visit our page related to marriage astrology.

Marriage is a beautiful and glorious relation but sometimes this bond becomes problematic for both the partners when disputes arise in between them. First few months of marriage seem to be very beautiful, blissful but with the passing time, there comes problems and conflicts which create a lot of clashes between the two partne₹

We all want and desire for a happy married life and astrology can help you to harmonize your relationship. If you also want to make your married life prosperous and peaceful then you must be aware of the problems which commonly afflict most married couples.

Problems in Marriage

With the advancement of education and technology, the numbers of marriage related problems have also increased. Main reason which contributes to this problem is high expectations from married life in terms of materialistic approach. The following problems are generally experienced in the married life of a couple:

  • lack of understanding between the two;
  • Delay in marriage;
  • spouse harassing on one or other context
  • spouse creating unnecessary atmosphere
  • Man may be physically weak or woman may have problem in conceiving
  • Spouse may have understanding with his partner but not with his In-laws.
  • Spouse may not like to live with her in-laws;
  • Both Husband and Wife are separated, staying far from each other
  • bad financial problems
  • Child birth issues
  • Extra Marital Affairs

Planets & Married Life


Saturn plays an important role in separation in marital life. If Saturn has relation with marriage house then separation occu₹ If there would be separation in marital life due to Saturn then family members are responsible for this. It also takes time for separation. One should offer pour water to lord Shiva every morning if you are facing problem in your marital life due to Saturn. Keep mustard oil in iron vessels and donate it on Saturday.


Mars is responsible if there is violence with detachment in marital life. Violence occurs in when Mars create problem in marital life. Marital life becomes worst and the matter goes in to the court. In this case, one should do fast on Tuesday. Donate sweet products to poor people on Tuesday. Avoid using red color.


Rahu-Ketu creates doubt and vagary in marital life. One does unnecessary doubt when Rahu-Ketu creates problems. At times, life partner goes away from each other. There would be separation between life partne₹ In this case, one should worship lord Vishnu. Put Kush in bathing water. Do not eat sweet products on Saturdays.


Life partner's career creates problem when there is negative impact of Sun in marital life. At times, the problems occur due to ego. The separation would happen with peace and mutual understanding. However, the separation occurs after long time of marriage. In this case, one should offer water mixing rice to the Sun. You can wear copper ring. It is also beneficial to wear pink color clothes.


Jupiter eliminates all the problems from marital life, if it is strong. If it has eye on seventh house then it solves problems in marital life. If Jupiter is in Lagan house then it is very strong and it removes all obstacles. However, if Jupiter is in seventh house then person might remain unmarried. Do not donate yellow stuff if Jupiter is favorable in horoscope. However, you can donate banana if Jupiter is unfavorable. If you are not getting married due to Jupiter then you can donate knowledge.


One cannot get happiness in marital or family life without Venus. Marital life becomes weak if Venus in unfavorable. There would be separation if there is evil eye of bad planets on Venus or Venus is unfavorable. However, one gets happiness in marital life if Venus is favorable. Do not donate Venus stuff if it is favorable. However, you can donate Venus stuff if it is unfavorable. Never wear diamond. One should worship lord Shiva to strengthen Venus.

The traditional values or sanskaras are seen from the 2nd House. In the natural zodiac, the 2nd House and 7th House belong to Venus. 2nd House is also the 8th house from the 7th House so the longevity of marriage. 7th House is 6th House from the 2nd House hence the struggles in marriage should be dealt with following sanskaras. Venus is the lord of both the houses hence there is a need to understand the role of Venus in depth. Venus a natural benefic represents a glory of what attracts beauty, glamour, gorgeous looks, style, fashion etc. and all that which is trendsetting and worthy of showcasing. Venus is natural significator for 4th House. It is the undisputed significator for marriage, but for happiness, comfort and marital bliss, moon plays an important role along with Venus as it signifies happiness and comfort in a relationship along with materialistic comforts of home. Venus expresses the emotions and the emotions are signified by moon.

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