Amla Yog

Amala Yoga is known by a number of other names too. Some people also call it Amal Yoga. A person born with this Yoga is considered to have stability in thoughts. This Yoga brings stability in life and makes a person responsible.

If an auspicious planet is present in the tenth house from the ascendant or the moon, Amala Yoga is formed. Amala Yoga can be formed with both moon and ascendant. Being related to employment, Amala Yoga helps in achieving success in matters related to career.

A person born with this Yoga is morally sound and has a number of qualities. He believes in social welfare and is always a helping hand to othe₹ Such a person is always liked by the people around him and is content with life at any point of time. He is even respected in his working area because of his work.

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