Business Astrology

Entrepreneurship or Starting your own Small Business is a wonderful feeling, as it makes you owner of your dreams with a message to the physical world, that my existence in this world is to do something innovative & creative through my special talents. India has to work a lot to infuse the concept of Small Business & Entrepreneurship in millions. It is well known that enterprise is a crucial engine of economic growth and without enterprise and entrepreneurs, there would be less innovations and few new jobs. Instead of getting frustrated in a formidable job and colleagues, it is better to try with one's entrepreneurship ventures.

Benefic placement of Mercury in the horoscope, gives the native success in business. Keep in mind, being a factor of Mercury and trade makes the native intelligent and efficient in the industry, ensuring his victory in the field. Then, whether Tenth Lord is a high or enemy region, this does not affect the success of the native. If in the horoscope, Lagna Lord or Tenth Lord is situated in the lagna or tenth House, then the person is determined to achieve his goal and gets wealth and success through his hard work.

Having Sun in the 10th House for the best Business Prospects, the person is considered king or rich. Surya in Tenth House is a strong position, so it brings honor to society. The native gets livelihood and wealth from the father or king (Government). If Sun is related to the lord of the ninth and fifth House, then father and son do business together.

Business Failures

There are numerous possible reasons for business failure. We can take a look at some of these reasons for loss in Business. First, we should try to understand from a laymans mind as to why businesses fall. So that then it will be worth to understand that astrology can identify all these reasons for fall in Business from your horoscope. Then, astrology can also give you indications of success in Business from your horoscope.

Astrology helps identify these reasons for business failure. Now, let us understand what these planets responsible for loss in business are:

  • A weak Sun in horoscope adversely affects and brings fall in Business. A weak positioned Sun in horoscope becomes a major reason for business failure. Astrology helps you read if Sun is weak or strong in your horoscope, thus giving clear astrological reasons for business failure. A weak Sun basically diminishes a person's power to gain authority over others be it employee, competitors, Govt authorities, etc. Thus a person will not gain over these people resulting in business failure to a larger extent.
  • Sun, Saturn, and Rahu are considered Separatist or separation-causing planets. Therefore, whatever house or Lord they are in association with, there is the possibility of separation occurring. Hence, if at least two of these are influencing tenth house or Dashmesh, then during the Dasha or Bhukti of the related malefic planet, business fall or loss of a job is possible.
  • If Rahu and Saturn transit into the tenth house and are malefic in the birth chart (Janmang), this duration will be unfavourable for the native Business and indicate business fall.
  • Swarn & Pitra dosha in horoscope also become another astrological reason for business failures. These doshas do not let the person accumulate wealth, which is an essential part of sustaining the Business in the long run.
  • A weak Lagna ( Moon) also becomes a strong astrological reason for business failure. This is because person's mind never gets settled or is not stable so it leads to fall in Business in the long run. Here people take advantage of your this weakness.
  • Same way a weak Venus or conjunction of Venus with malefic planets becomes another reason of fall in Business.
  • Unfavourable placement of Mars and Saturn is another reason for fall in Business.
  • Weak mercury affects your capabilities to manage the records & financial transactions. Others can take advantage of this weakness. So becomes a solid reason and planet for failure in Business.

Remedies for Business Failures

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