Kalanidhi Yog

Yogas have great importance in astrology. While doing the results, through the discussion of the yogas, the events and circumstances occurring in the life of the person are understood. In the formation of yogas, when more than one planet forms conjunction, vision, position, then yoga is formed. The effect of the results of these yogas is obtained in the states of Mahadasha, Antardasha and Pratyantar etc. Without understanding yoga, it is not possible to interpret the horoscope in a proper way. Yogakaraka planets have a major role in various yogas. The results of yogas are greatly affected by the power of the planets. Among these major yogas, Kalanidhi Yoga formed in the horoscope is of great importance.

This Kalanidhi Yoga, made in the horoscope of many famous people, plays an important role in getting them equal and fame. Out of the auspicious benefits of this yoga formed under the influence of Jupiter, it helps a person to attain a happy life. A person is the lord of immense wealth. One's personality can be understood by looking at the yogas in the horoscope. Considering in Jyotish Yoga Kundali, it helps in deciding the success of the person, these yogas give good results in many areas of life.

Formation of Kalanidhi Yoga

Kalanidhi Yoga is formed when the ninth lord is conjoined with Jupiter in the variable ascendant and when the fifth lord is in the fifth house and is in the benefic house of the dominant tenth house.

If Jupiter is situated in the second or fifth house in the horoscope and Venus or Mercury is aspecting it, then Kalanidhi Yoga is formed. Apart from this, if Jupiter is situated in the sign of Mercury or Venus in the horoscope, even then Kalanidhi Yoga is formed.

If there is a variable navamsha in the ascendant and the ninth lord is in the ascendant with Jupiter and the fifth lord is in the fifth house and the tenth lord is in the benefic house, then the result of Kalanidhi yoga is obtained. In this yoga, it is said that happiness and prosperity is attained in the 23rd year of age.

Another fact about Kalanidhi is that the planets related to the Navamsha are not mentioned because the planetary yogas related to the Navamsha are quite difficult. In the second house, Jupiter must be combined with Mercury and Venus. Or if Venus and Mercury in the fifth house are situated in Sagittarius or Pisces, then Kalanidhi Yoga is formed.

Effect of Kalanidhi Yoga

By the formation of Kalanidhi Yoga, the person gets royal happiness. The person gets royal respect. Enjoy the pleasure of different types of vehicles. A person can be the lord of wealth and wealth, is knowledgeable, virtuous, efficient and prudent.

Kalanidhi Yoga can be seen in the horoscopes of people honored by the government. If Kalanidhi Yoga is formed in the horoscope, then the government can honor you for any of your work. The person belongs to aristocratic society and is free from diseases. The native gets progress in business. The native is successful in getting abundant wealth.

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