Parijat Yog

Parijat yog is another exceptional yog. A person born with this yog climbs to the peak of success and prosperity but at a slower pace. That's why the yog's impact is felt when the person reaches middle age.

A planetary combination related with the position of the Ascendant lord. If the lord of the sign where the Ascendant lord is situated, or if the lord of the navamsa where the lord of the sign in which the Ascendant lord is situated is placed in a cardinal or trine house, Parijata Yoga is formed.

The dispositor of the lord of the lagna lord, and the navamsa lord of that dispositor, must be in an angle, trine, own rasi or exaltation rasi.

It makes the person born under it a sovereign, destined to be happy during the middle or the later part of his life. Such a person is respected by other kings. He is fond of wars, possesses immense wealth, is mindful of his duties towards the state, and is compassionate in disposition.

One will be a sovereign attentive to their duty and engagements, of compassionate disposition, destined to be happy in the middle and latter portion of life, respected and obeyed by other kings, fond of war, and possessing elephants and horses.

The Parijatha is a celestial tree that has the power to grant wishes. This yoga, therefore, helps the native to fulfill every desire. This yoga emphasizes the importance of the navamsa dispositor of a planet, which is just as important as its rasi dispositor.

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