Guru Chandal Yog

In vedic astrology Guru Chandala yog is formed when Guru (Jupiter) is in conjunction with Rahu. What is the significance of this yog? Whether it is good or bad? Before analyzing the yog it has be clearly understood that Jupiter transits a sign in one year. Similarly Rahu transits a sign in roughly 1 1/2 yea₹ The conjunction between Jupiter and Rahu will take place every 7 - 8 yea₹ The conjunction will last for around one year which means that all persons born during the year will have Guru Chandala yog.

In vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter is known as Guru which means the teacher. Jupiter is considered a Brahmin and teacher of god. He knows the Vedas and is considered as an expert in all forms of knowledge. In the ancient times the teachings of Vedas were imparted in gurukul. The teachings included wisdom, devotion, compassion, spirituality and religious beliefs. The morals and culture in the Vedas were explained to the students so that he can proceed in life and become a righteous person by providing spiritual wisdom and makes the individual walk towards the path of enlightenment. Jupiter also signifies growth, knowledge, wealth and religion.

According to Vedic astrology Rahu is known to be moh-maya (entrapment of our soul by illusion). It is known to be the head of a serpent. It is highly intelligent and poisonous. It shows our desires and the reason for our very existence in this planet. It is known to contain all the virtues and vices through which we are stuck with. It is the very opposite of Ketu which shows liberation of our soul. Rahu gives illusions of this world. It is highly materialistic and gives the desires of this world. It provides material riches to the native and creates ambition to achieve more but it does not give happiness. Rahu does not have a nature of its own. It takes on the qualities of the planet it is with or the sign it occupies and gives the results accordingly.

When both Jupiter and Rahu occupy the same sign then it is called Guru chandala yog. The qualities of Jupiter and Rahu get mixed together and create an impact in the life of the individual. It makes the individual depraved and inclined to immoral and unethical behavior. The good or bad results will depend on whether Jupiter is a benefic / malefic in the birth chart. It will give results based on which house the yog occu₹ Planets associated with or aspecting this combination also modify the results.

Effects of Chandal Yog in Different Houses

If Guru Chandala yog is found in First house then the native will be very ambitious and self centred. This postion will give the native a desire to succeed in the material world. It gives wealth and riches to the native. This position also gives knowledge and makes the native learned and respected. But this position will give a suspicious nature and many vices to the native like lack of gratitude, selfishness, to portray others in the negative light. There will be a desire to live in solitude.

If Guru Chandala yog is found in the Second house and Jupiter is a benefic planet then the native will amass a lot of wealth. He will be very extravagant and will be successful. If Jupiter is malefic then this position gives distress, mental stress and suffer losses. The native will become a pauper.

If this combination occurs in the third house then the native is poisonous in his speech. He will be very peculiar in his thoughts. He will never think twice to betray others and climb the ladder of opportunity. If Jupiter is malefic then the native spreads a lot of hatred around him. These individuals are very courageous and are successful in the fields where courage is required.

If this combination is in the fourth house then the native will be deceitful and cunning. He will have good ability in convincing othe₹ There will be chaos in the domestic life. The native may own more than one house. However the native is successful in the field of education and earns wealth.

If the combination is in the fifth house then the native is very unfortunate in matters regarding religion, progeny. There will be trouble in having children. Enemity with children, even death of children is indicated. But if Jupiter is benefic and Mercury is with this combination then the native is very learned.

This combination in the sixth house will give success to the native. He will amass a lot of wealth. However the health of the native will always be dicey. The native is likely to suffer from diseases of the intestine and also diseases which are not easily detected. These natives are very critical of their religion and may change their religious beliefs during their life time.

This combination in the seventh house will bring chaos in the married life of the individual. Many secret clandestine affairs by the partner is indicated due to these combination. The native may not get a pious partner. However if Jupiter is benefic and receives benefic aspects then the life of the native is inclined to spirituality and religious activities.

This combination in the eighth house will bring destruction and an unexpected end to the life of the native. The native is likely to suffer from accidents. Benefics aspecting this combination gives mysterious and occult knowledge.

This combination is worst if it occurs in the ninth house. The native may be an illegitimate child. The native is averse at the very thought of religion and principles. The native would derive satisfaction from breaking all norms and religious beliefs. Such natives spread wrong beliefs and principles about religion. The means and methods adopted to achieve success is questionable. But if Jupiter is in own house as benefics aspect this combination then the native is learned, pious and respected for his knowledge.

This combination in the tenth house makes the native successful in achieving whatever he desires. However the means and methods adopted to achieve success is questionable.

In the eleventh house the native becomes very wealthy and Rich. However this is not good for begetting children.

This combination in the twelveth house makes the native very unfortunate. He will be foolish and disrespected by othe₹ He is likely to be punished for wrong doings. A secluded life is indicated. However if Jupiter is benefic and benefic planets aspect this combination then the native can be very active in religious matte₹ He may work in temples and religious ashrams.

The psychology of natives with Guru Chandala yog is inheritant in the birth chart. The natives will have lack of gratitude. They do not like to take initiatives and need the support to perform their activities. They however do not acknowledge the support of their mentors after achieving success. They are not able to think straight and often surprise you with their decisions. They are very selfish and do not admire othe₹ These qualities will be activated during the Dasha / Antardasha of Jupiter or Rahu.

Remedies for Guru Chandal Yog

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