Brihaspati (Jupiter)

BrihaspatiBrihaspati is the Guru of Devas, personification of piety and religion, the chief offerer of prayers and sacrifices, represented as the Purohita of the gods with whom he intercedes for men. He is the Lord of planet Jupiter. He is of Sattva Guna and represents knowledge and teaching. He is often known simply as "Guru".

According to Hindu scriptures, he is the guru of the Devas and the arch-nemesis of Shukracharya, the guru of the Danavas. He is also known Guru, the god of wisdom and eloquence, to whom various works are ascribed, such as the "atheistic" Barhaspatya sutras.

His Tattva or element is Akasha or ether, and his direction is north-east. He is described of yellow or golden colour and holding a stick, a lotus and his beads. He presides over 'Guru-var', Brihaspativar or Thursday.

The color of Brihaspati is yellow. Thursday is his day, and north-east is his direction. He is big, old looking, and has a pot belly. He is self-illuminating (this is said also in Western astronomy). One of his names is Guru, which means heavy (in weight) and also teacher.

Brihaspati is the teacher of the science of light, that is, astrology and astronomy. He is the ruler of the Sun and the Moon and controls the movement of the planets.

Favourite ColourYellow
Favourite DayThursday
Favourite God / DeityLord Brahma, Lord Shiva, Indra, Goddess Parvati

Effects of Brihaspati (Jupiter)

Brihaspati or Guru is a benefic planet, signifier of luck and fortune, and he rules religion, philosophy, spirituality, wealth, and progeny. He is noble, buoyant, dignified, fruitful, optimistic, jovial, and masculine. If favorable, this planet gives name, fame, success, honor, wealth, progeny and good relationship with progeny, and it brings benefits to whatever planets or house it is associated with.

Jupiter is believed to be a bestower of successes. It is generally believed that one who is graced by Jupiter, commands respect from others. Cleanliness is a virtue preferred by Jupiter. Jupiter in astrology is named as 'Guru', meaning, biggest of all planets. The persons with grace of favour of Jupiter enjoy elderly quality, towering respect and business. If it is powerful, it can counter the ill effects of other planets comfortably.

Gemstone for Brihaspati (Jupiter)

The navratna gemstone for Brihaspati or Guru is Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj, some people suggest Topaz which is incorrect, one must wear Yellow Sapphire, the weight should be 2 Carat or more, embeded in Gold ring, the ring is to be worn on Thursday and Yellow things like Yellow Clothes, Yellow Grains etc are to be donated to poor after wearing the Yellow Sapphire ring.

How to get rid of negative effects of Brihaspati, when Brihaspati is vakri, when Brihaspati is neech

The ill effects of Brihaspati can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

  • Donating in charity a piece of pale yellow cloth on any Thursday keeps Brihaspati pleased.
  • Feed an Ox with Gud (Raw Sugar) and gram pulse on Thursdays.
  • Wearing Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) on the Index finger on any Thursday is considered to bring in pleasing results. The ring should be continuously worn for a long period starting from any Thursday.
  • Distributing sweets and donating Gold or Copper on Thursdays, if the budget allows.
  • Worshipping Lord Shiva by pouring some Butter oil on Shiva Linga daily is another way to seek the blessings of Brihaspati. Do it for a week.

108 Names of Brihaspati (Jupiter)

Aum gurave namah
Aum gunakaraya namah
Aum goptre namah
Aum gocaraya namah
Aum gopatipriyaya namah
Aum gunive namah
Aum gunavatam shrepthaya namah
Aum gurunam gurave namah
Aum avyayaya namah
Aum jetre namah
Aum jayantaya namah
Aum jayadaya namah
Aum jivaya namah
Aum anantaya namah
Aum jayavahaya namah
Aum amgirasaya namah
Aum adhvaramaktaya namah
Aum viviktaya namah
Aum adhvarakritparaya namah
Aum vacaspataye namah
Aum vashine namah
Aum vashyaya namah
Aum varishthaya namah
Aum vagvacaksanaya namah
Aum citta-shuddhi-karaya namah
Aum shrimate namah
Aum caitraya namah
Aum citrashikhandijaya namah
Aum brihad-rathaya namah
Aum brihad-bhanave namah
Aum brihas-pataye namah
Aum abhishtadaya namah
Aum suracaryaya namah
Aum suraradhyaya namah
Aum surakaryakritodyamaya namah
Aum girvanaposhakaya namah
Aum dhanyaya namah
Aum gishpataye namah
Aum girishaya namah
Aum anaghaya namah
Aum dhivaraya namah
Aum dhishanaya namah
Aum divya-bhushanaya namah
Aum deva-pujitaya namah
Aum dhanurddharaya namah
Aum daitya-hantre namah
Aum dayasaraya namah
Aum dayakaraya namah
Aum dariddya-nashanaya namah
Aum dhanyaya namah
Aum daksinayanasambhavaya namah
Aum dhanurminadhipaya namah
Aum devaya namah
Aum dhanurbana-dharaya namah
Aum haraye namah
Aum angarovarshasamjataya namah
Aum angirah kulasambhavaya namah
Aum sindhu-desha-adhipaya namah
Aum dhimate namah
Aum svarnakayaya namah
Aum catur-bhujaya namah
Aum heman-gadaya namah
Aum hemavapushe namah
Aum hemabhushanabhushitaya namah
Aum pushyanathaya namah
Aum pushyaragamanimandanamandi kasha-pushpa-samanabhaya namah
Aum indradyamarasamghapaya namah
Aum asamanabalaya namah
Aum satva-guna-sampadvibhavasave bhusurabhishtadaya namah
Aum bhuriyashase namah
Aum punya-vivardhanaya namah
Aum dharma-rupaya namah
Aum dhana-adhyaksaya namah
Aum dhanadaya namah
Aum dharma-palanaya namah
Aum sarva-veda-artha-tattva-jnaya namah
Aum sarva-padvinivarakaya namah
Aum sarva-papa-prashamanaya namah
Aum svramatanugatamaraya namah rigveda-paragaya namah
Aum riksarashimargapracaravate sada-anandaya namah
Aum satya-samdhaya namah
Aum satya-samkalpa-manasaya namah
Aum sarva-gamajnaya namah
Aum sarva-jnaya namah
Aum sarva-vedanta-vide namah
Aum brahma-putraya namah
Aum brahmaneshaya namah
Aum brahma-vidya-avisharadaya namah
Aum samana-adhi-kanirbhuktaya namah
Aum sarva-loka-vashamvadaya namah
Aum sasura-asura-gandharva-vanditaya satya-bhashanaya namah
Aum brihaspataye namah
Aum suracaryaya namah
Aum dayavate namah
Aum shubha-laksanaya namah
Aum loka-traya-gurave namah
Aum shrimate namah
Aum sarva-gaya namah
Aum sarvato vibhave namah
Aum sarveshaya namah
Aum sarvadatushtaya namah
Aum sarva-daya namah
Aum sarva-pujitaya namah

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