Lahsuniya (Cats Eye)

Ketu represents the zodiac Pisces. Although Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, Ketu also shares this zodiac. Cat's eye gemstone or Lahsuniya is for Ketu. Found in a variety of colors ranging from yellow, white, black or smoky/dark green. Buy Cats Eye Online

Cat's eye looks similar to the eye of a cat. It has a band of light moving across the stone called the chatoyance. This band is common in all colors of Lahsuniya or Cat's eye gemstone. A cat's eye with a white band of light is the best one among all gemstones. Like a cat's eye, this gemstone shines in darkness. But in total darkness, it remains opaque. It needs a little light to shine.

Effects of Cats Eye

Cats Eye would save one from enemies but also help conquering them. It is known to protect one from hidden enemies, dangers or diseases.

It destroys poverty, calamities, diseases, sorrow and saves one from evil and negative effects around. Money stays longer and in case of loss, Cat's eye is beneficial in retrieving the lost money.

Why Wear Cats Eye

Shielding one against governmental punishment, intoxication and drowning, Cat's eye proves to be very fortunate for gamblers (casino, horse racing, etc).

Who should wear Cats Eye

Anyone whose Rahu, Ketu or Saturn is malefic, Cat's eye is considered very beneficial for them. When there are hurdles in business, despair in life or any fear of accidents, one should wear Cat's eye gemstone.

Properties of Cats Eye

Cosmic ColorInfra Red
TimeAfter Sunset

Signs of well-placed Cats Eye

Cat's eye is believed to be a giver of bliss, bravery, strength, pleasure and brightness in life.

Cats eye gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases

Cats eye is good for anyone who is having any kind of problems in conception as Cats eye is considered good for offspring.

Substitute for Cats Eye

There are no substitute for Cats Eye Gemstone, however, you may purchase Chrysoberyl with Cats Eye properties

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