Chandra (Moon)

MoonChandra is a lunar deity. Chandra (moon) is also known as Soma and identified with the Vedic Lunar deity Soma. He is described as young, beautiful, fair; two-armed and having in his hands a club and a lotus.

He rides his chariot (the moon) across the sky every night, pulled by ten white horses or an antelope. He is connected with dew, and as such, is one of the gods of fertility. He is also called Nishadipati (Nisha=night; Adipathi=Lord) and Kshuparaka (one who illuminates the night). He as Soma, presides over Somvar or Monday. He is of Sattva Guna and represents the Mind, the Queen or Mother.

Moon is the presiding deity of the element water, and rules over the tides of the sea. The sphere of the Moon is the reservoir of rainwater and thus Moon is the ruler of plants and the vegetable kingdom.

Sun, Mars, and Jupiter and the Moons natural friends, and Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are its natural enemies. In Rohini, Hast, Shravan, Punarvasu, Vishakha, and Purva Bhadrapad nakshatras it gives good and beneficial effect. It also gives favorable effects if it is in Kritika, Uttra Phalguni, Ashlekha, Jyestha, Uttra Khad, and Revati nakshatras.

The color of Moon is white. Its nature is wise, and learned. It rules peace of mind, comfort, general well-being, and also the fortune of a person. It shows its influence around twenty-four to twenty-five years of age.

Favourite ColourWhite
Favourite DayMonday
Favourite God / DeityLord Shiva

Effects of Chandra

The Moon gives illumination, intuitive nature, sensuality, taste, youth, love of poetry, fine arts and music, love of jewelry, attractive appearance, wealth and good fortune. It makes us moody, emotional, and sensitive. It rules milk, grains, liquids, growth, fertility, impregnation, and conception. It influences the infant stage of an individual, which guides his behavior in the later in the later part of his life.

It is cold and moist. It also influence childbirth and rules the left nostril, eyesight, the breasts, and the brain (memory). Moon influences travelers, human, fisherman, prostitutes, cooks, nurses, and caterers.

Moon is associated with the functionality of mind. It is believed that the moon controls the power of mind and versatility. It is also believed to provide power of meditation, concentration and resistance against cold diseases.

Gemstone for Chandra (Moon)

The navratna gemstone for Chandra is Pearl, one must wear pearl embeded in silver metal in the little finger or ring finger on Monday, one must pour milk on Shiva Linga on Monday after wearing the Pearl Ring. One must also donate white things like white cloth, rice, milk etc to poor after wearing the ring.

How to get rid of negative effects of Chandra, when Chandra is vakri, when Chandra is neech

The ill effects of Moon can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

  • To propitiate Moon, astrologers recommend donation of white cloth to needy and poor on any Monday. It is also authoritatively stated that chanting of "Om Namah Shivaya" for a good length of time continuously leads to please Moon.
  • Worshipping Lord Shiva daily keeps Moon immensely pleased to quench even high ambitions of the person concerned, it is stated emphatically in astrology.
  • Fasting on Monday brings favours granted by Moon.
  • Mounavrat (Total Silence) practiced on Poornima (Full Moon) provides power and strengthening of mind.
  • Wearing of Pearl ring on the small finger on any Monday and continuing to wear it thereafter is yet one more piece of advice from our ancestors to please the Moon.

108 Names of Chandra

Aum srimate namah
Aum shasha-dharaya namah
Aum chandraya namah
Aum tara-adhishaya namah
Aum nisha-karaya namah
Aum sugha-nighaye namah
Aum sadaradhya namah
Aum sat-pataye namah
Aum sadhu-pujitaya namah
Aum jitendriyaya namah
Aum jayodhyogaya namah
Aum jyotish-cakra-pravartakaya namah
Aum vikartananujaya namah
Aum viraya namah
Aum vishveshaya namah
Aum vidusham pataye namah
Aum doshakaraya namah
Aum dushta-duraya namah
Aum pushtimate namah
Aum shishta-palakaya namah
Aum ashta-murti-priyaya namah
Aum anantaya namah
Aum kashta-daru-kutharakaya namah
Aum sva-prakashaya namah
Aum prakash-atmane namah
Aum dyu-caraya namah
Aum deva-bhojanaya namah
Aum kala-dharaya namah
Aum kala-hetave namah
Aum kama-krite namah
Aum kama-dayakaya namah
Aum mrityu-saharakaya namah
Aum amartyaya namah
Aum nityanushthana-dayakaya namah
Aum ksapa-karaya namah
Aum ksina-papaya namah
Aum ksaya-vriddhi-samanvitaya namah
Aum jaivatrikaya namah
Aum shucaye namah
Aum shubhraya namah
Aum jayine namah
Aum jaya-phala-pradaya namah
Aum sudha-mayaya namah
Aum sura-svamine namah
Aum bhaktanam-ishtha-dayakaya namah
Aum bukti-daya namah
Aum mukti-daya namah
Aum bhadraya namah
Aum bhakta-daridhya bhanjanaya namah
Aum sama-gana-priyaya namah
Aum sarva-raksakaya namah
Aum sagarodbhavaya namah
Aum bhayanta-krite namah
Aum bhakti-gamyaya namah
Aum bhava-bandha-vimocakaya namah
Aum jagat-prakasa-kiranaya namah
Aum jagad-ananda-kiranaya namah
Aum nissapatnaya namah
Aum niraharaya namah
Aum nirvikaraya namah
Aum niramayaya namah
Aum bhu-cchaya-cchaditaya namah
Aum bhavyaya namah
Aum bhuvana-prati-palakaya namah
Aum sakalarti-haraya namah
Aum saumya-janakaya namah
Aum sadhu-vanditaya namah
Aum sarvagama-jnaya namah
Aum sarva-jnaya namah
Aum sanakadi-muni-stutaya namah
Aum sita-chatra-dhvajopetaya namah
Aum sitangaya namah
Aum sita-bhusanaya namah
Aum sveta-malyambara-dharaya namah
Aum sveta-gandhanulepanaya namah
Aum dasasva-ratha-samrudhaya namah
Aum danda-pananye namah
Aum dhanur-dharaya namah
Aum kunda-pusyojjvalakaraya namah
Aum nayanabja-samudbhavaya namah
Aum atreya-gotra-jaya namah
Aum atyanta-vinayaya namah
Aum priya-dayakaya namah
Aum karuna-rasa-sampurnaya namah
Aum karkata-prabhave namah
Aum avyayaya namah
Aum catur-ashrasanarudhaya namah
Aum caturaya namah
Aum divya-vahanaya namah
Aum vivasvan mandalajneya-vasaya namah
Aum vasu-samrddhi-daya namah
Aum mahesvara-priyaya namah
Aum dantaya namah
Aum meru-gotra-pradaksinaya namah
Aum graha-mandala-madhyasthaya namah
Aum grasitarkaya namah
Aum grahadhipaya namah
Aum dvija-rajaya namah
Aum dyuti-lakaya namah
Aum dvibhujaya namah
Aum dvija-pujitaya namah
Aum audumbara-nagavasaya namah
Aum udaraya namah
Aum rohini-pataye namah
Aum nityodayaya namah
Aum muni-stutyaya namah
Aum nityananda-phala-pradaya namah
Aum sakalahladana-karaya namah
Aum palashedhma-priyaya namah

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