Heera (Diamond)

Buy Diamond OnlineDiamond represents the planet Venus and the Zodiac Libra. Blessing one with radiance and glamour, Diamond can make one stand apart from the crowd. Diamond is known to improve Megha shakti and innovative powers and also enhances sex appeal.

Effects of Wearing Diamond

Wearing diamond helps one to please Venus, it also helps one to become famous and shine just like a diamond, a diamond also helps in building marriage and sexual life of a native, to get benefits from government or top officials, one must wear diamond.

Who should wear Diamond (Heera)

Diamond is recommended for people in career related to public relations. Also, for those who wish to shine among the crowd and be remembered, like players, models, writers and actors, Diamond is favorable.

Why wear Diamond (Heera)

Diamond brings radiance and helps in elevating a person's potential. Also, Diamond generates keenness towards creative endeavors and increases the flow of wealth.

Properties of Diamond

Cosmic ColorWhite
SignTaurus, Libra

Signs of well-placed Diamond

Increase in social status, benefits from Government and Top Officials

Better married and sexual life

Diamond helps to prevent the following diseases:

Infertility, Harmone Count

Diamond Substitutes

If you are unable to purchase natural Diamond, you can wear White Sapphire.

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