Panna (Emerald)

Panna Stone (or Emerald Stone) helps to counter the ill effects of Mercury. The Emerald Stone belongs to the beryl gem family. It is light, deep green in color. Finding a flawless emerald stone is very difficult and this makes it rare. A pleasant and soothing gem, Panna is related to love as it gives peaceful vibes and also captivates heart. Panna stone's effect lasts for three years since the very day it is worn. Buy Emerald or Panna

Found in coal mines, the Panna Stone is a delicate and fragile gemstone. High levels of carbon are responsible for black spots and filaments on Emerald. In a genuine emerald, a black spots or cracks are a common sight but this does not pose any hurdle in its utility.

Panna is a pacifier and when worn, helps soothe mental disturbances and tensions. Also, it is found that Panna accelerates reasoning potential, presence of mind and spiritual power. Emerald Stone is recommended for diplomats, architects, doctors, businessmen, engineers, writers, teachers, publishers and intellectuals. Also, it is believed that the Goddess of Learning blesses the emerald wearer with sharp intellect. Panna Stone wards off the evil effects by spirits and nightmares.

Many notions are associated with Panna. Tying Panna Stone around the waist of a pregnant woman makes the delivery easy and less painful. Presenting Emerald to lover is considered very auspicious as it favors a better bonding and flourishing love. An Emerald wearer is safe from anyone planning to harm him/her as the person's intentions would be exposed sooner. The Emerald Stone wearer possesses a loving heart, magnanimity, a peaceful mind and wealth.

Weak mercury in a person's horoscope results in ailments like asthma, stammering, cough, etc. Hence, in such condition, Emerald is considered a healer. Panna also helps in improving eye sight and memory. Wearing Panna Stone also helps in reducing anger outbursts and attain a calm state of mind.

Properties of Emerald

Cosmic ColorGreen
SignGemini, Virgo

Substitute for Emerald

If you are unable to purchase Emerald or Panna, you may go for Onyx, Jade or Aventurine.

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