Ketu (Dragons Tail)

KetuKetu is the Lord of Descending/South lunar node. Ketu is generally referred to as a "shadow" planet. He is considered as Tail of the Demon Snake. It is believed to have a tremendous impact on human lives and also the whole creation. In some special circumstances it helps someone achieve the zenith of fame. He is Tamas in nature and represents supernatural influences.

Astronomically, Ketu and Rahu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes. The fact that eclipses occur when Sun and Moon are at one of these points gives rise to the story of the swallowing of the Sun and the Moon.

Ketus sign is Pisces, the sign Pisces belongs the the guru, Jupiter, and Ketu also has dominion over it.

Favourite ColourSmoke Coloured
Favourite DaySaturday
Favourite God / DeityLord Bhairav (Incarnation of Shiva)

Effects of Ketu

Ketu is quite influential to make one lovable among the people in a social circle. It bestows love for god and high values. Ketu is also denoted as the representative of bringing luxuries and wealth if it is favourable. Ketu is also a sign of action, intuition and innovation.

Ketu bestows spiritual tendencies, asceticism, and nonattachment to worldly desires and ambitions. Ketu is also a half-planet that bestows wisdom, powers of discrimination, and gyana-spiritual knowledge, the knowledge of the self.

It gives psychic abilities to its natives and makes them masters of the healing arts, natural healing, healing herbs, spices, foods, tantric healing, healing persons affected by evil spirits and ghosts.

Gemstone for Ketu

The navratna gemstone for Ketu is Cats Eye and Chrysoberyl (Lahsunia), one must wear Cats Eye in middle finger on Saturday, in the evening.

How to get rid of negative effects of Ketu, when Ketu is vakri, when Ketu is neech

The ill effects of Ketu can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

  • Donating in charity blankets, iron and Black Til (Sesamum Seeds) on Saturday.
  • Distributing all seven cereals (Wheat, Bajra, Kangani, Moong, Udad, Barley, Gram) to needy and poor on any Saturday.
  • Wearing of smoke coloured clothes will immensely please Ketu to be benevolent.
  • Worshipping Lord Hanuman or Bhairav everyday with Red Flowers and Dhoop.
  • Eating of coconut and distributing the same in charity to the needy people.

Remedies for Malefic Ketu

Bathe Using the Products Related to Ketu: Put Kusha in the bathing water and bathe with it. You should perform this remedy in the early morning on Tuesday. Meditate on the lord Ketu while performing the remedy. It will increase auspiciousness of Ketu and will yield better results. If you perform this remedy for the entire period of Dasha then it will reduce your problems.

Donate Products of Ketu: You should donate products of Ketu to get favorable results. You can donate black or blue blanket, wool and mustard oil on Saturday. If you are unable to donate all these products then you can donate only mustard oil. Donate these products as per your capabilities and do not borrow money for donation.

Mantra of Ketu: The Mantra of Ketu is Om Ketum Karnavann Ketave Peshomayyam Apeshase, Samushdwirajaythah. You can chant this Mantra 108 times or more than 108 times to get good results. You should have full faith in Ketu while chanting the Mantra. Do not think negative during recitation and chant with the full concentration to reap beneficial results. Obey the rules of Mantra to get relief from malefic influence of Ketu.

Yantra of Ketu: Ketu helps to beat enemies and protect a person from impediments. Wearing or worshiping Ketus Yantra reduces the malefic effect of Ketu during Dasha or transit.

108 Names of Ketu

Aum ketave' namah
Aum sthulashirase' namah
Aum shiromantraya namah
Aum dhvajakrtaye' namah
Aum nava-graha-yutaya namah
Aum simhika-asuri-garbha-sambhavaya maha-bhitikaraya namah
Aum chitravarnaya namah
Aum sri-pingalaksakaya namah
Aum phulladhumasakashaya namah
Aum tishnadamshtaya namah
Aum mahodaraya namah
Aum rakta-netraya namah
Aum citra-karine namah
Aum tivrakopaya namah
Aum maha-suraya namah
Aum krura-kanthaya namah
Aum kradha-nidhaye' namah
Aum chaya-graha-vishoshakaya namah
Aum antya-grahaya namah
Aum maha-shirshaya namah
Aum surya-araye' namah
Aum pushpavad-grahine' namah
Aum varahastaya namah
Aum gadapanaye' namah
Aum citra-vastra-dharaya namah
Aum citra-dhvaja-patakaya namah
Aum ghoraya namah
Aum citra-rathaya namah
Aum shikhine' namah
Aum kullutthabhaksakaya namah
Aum vaidurya-bharanaya namah
Aum utpatajanakaya namah
Aum shukra-mitraya namah
Aum mandasakhaya namah
Aum gada-dharaya namah
Aum naka-pataye' namah
Aum antar-vedishvaraya namah
Aum jaimini-gotra-jaya namah
Aum citragupta-atmane' namah
Aum dakshina-mukhaya namah
Aum mukunda-varapatraya namah
Aum maha-asura-kulod-bhavaya namah
Aum ghana-varnaya namah
Aum lamba-devaya namah
Aum mrityu-putraya namah
Aum utpata-rupa-dharine' namah
Aum adrishyaya namah
Aum kala-agni-sannibhaya namah
Aum nripidaya namah
Aum griha-karine' namah
Aum sarvopadravavarakaya namah
Aum citra-prasutaya namah
Aum analaya namah
Aum sarva-vyadhi-vinashakaya namah
Aum apasavyapracarine' namah
Aum navame' papadayakaya namah
Aum pancame' shokadaya namah
Aum uparagakhe'cagaya namah
Aum ati-purushakarmane namah
Aum turiye sukhapradaya namah
Aum tritiye vairadaya namah
Aum papa-grahaya namah
Aum sphatakakarakaya namah
Aum prana-nathaya namah
Aum pancame shrimakarakaya namah
Aum dvitiye' asphutavamdatre namah
Aum vishakulitavaktakaya namah
Aum kamarupine' namah
Aum simha-dantaya namah
Aum kushedhma-priyaya namah
Aum caturthe' matrinashaya namah
Aum navame pitrenashakaya namah
Aum antye vairapradaya namah
Aum sutanandam-nidhanakaya namah
Aum sarpakshijataya namah
Aum anangaya namah
Aum karmarashyudbhavaya namah
Aum upante kirtidaya namah
Aum saptame'kalahapradaya namah
Aum ashtame' vyadhikartre' namah
Aum dhane' bahu-sukha-pradaya namah
Aum janane rogadaya namah
Aum urdhvamurdhajaya namah
Aum grahanayakaya namah
Aum papadyashtaye namah
Aum khecaraya namah
Aum shambhavaya namah
Aum asheshapujitaya namah
Aum shashvataya namah
Aum nataya namah
Aum shubhashubha-phala-pradaya namah
Aum dhumraya namah
Aum sudhapayine' namah
Aum ajitaya namah
Aum bhakta-vatsalaya namah
Aum simha-asanaya namah
Aum ketu-murtaye' namah
Aum ravindudyutinashakaya namah
Aum amaraya namah
Aum pidakaya namah
Aum amartya namah
Aum vishnu-drishtaya namah
Aum asureshvaraya namah
Aum bhakta-rakshaya namah
Aum vaicitryakapatasyandanaya namah
Aum vicitraphaladayine namah
Aum bhakta-bhishta-phala-pradaya namah

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