Rahu (Dragons Head)

RahuRahu is God of the Ascending / North lunar node. Rahu is the head of the demonic snake that swallows the sun or the moon causing eclipses, according to Hindu scriptures. He is depicted in art as a dragon with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses. He is a Tamas Asura who does his best to plunge any area of one's life he controls into chaos. The rahu kala is considered inauspicious.

According to legend, during the Samudra manthan, the asura Rahu drank some of the divine nectar. But before the nectar could pass his throat, Mohini (the female avatar of Vishnu) cut off his head. The head, however, remained immortal and is called Rahu, while the rest of the body became Ketu. It is believed that this immortal head occasionally swallows the sun or the moon, causing eclipses. Then, the sun or moon passes through the opening at the neck, ending the eclipse.

Astronomically, Ketu and Rahu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes. The fact that eclipses occur when Sun and Moon are at one of these points gives rise to the story of the swallowing of the Sun and the Moon.

Rahu is regarded as similar to Saturn in its effect. Smoky blue is its color, instinctual and animalistic its nature. Rahu is interested only in achieving all that gives pleasure, and even if it achieves all it wants, it is never satisfied (which is true of our animalistic nature).

Although Rahu rules no sign of the zodiac, the zodiacal sign Virgo is its sign. Virgo is in fact assigned to Mercury, but Rahu being akin to Saturn and Mercury being a friend of Saturn, Rahu thus has authority over Virgo. Friendly signs are Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Cancer and Leo are its enemy signs. Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are friendly planets. Rahu is an enemy of Sun, Moon, and Mars. Rahu gives auspicious results in Taurus and Libra.

Favourite ColourCola, Blue, Black
Favourite DaySaturday
Favourite God / DeityLord Hanuman

Effects of Rahu

Rahu is capable of giving power when rightly posited or exalted, and it gives fame, success in politics, money, and physical beauty (i.e., attraction).

The planet Rahu relates to mind, insanity, Epilepsy, fights and trifles, and fruitless wonderings many a times.

Gemstone for Rahu (Dragons Head)

The navratna gemstone for Rahu is Hessonite Garnet (Gomed), one must wear Hessonite Garnet or Gomed in middle finger on Saturday, the ring should be made of Silver or Five Metals (Panch Dhatu), one must donate Five Hessonite Stones along with money to poor or drop the same in river or other water body (Sea, Ocean, Pond etc). People with Grahan Yog must not wear Gomed or Hessonite Garnet.

How to get rid of negative effects of Rahu, when Rahu is vakri, when Rahu is neech

The ill effects of Rahu can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

  • Donation in charity, a piece of cloth of cola colour or blue cloth to some needy person on any Saturday, will gain favours of Rahu.
  • Donating in charity if possible Gold or Lead also appeases Rahu.
  • Distributing Til (sesamum seeds) and mustard oil on any Saturday is another proposition to please the Rahu.
  • Offering Black Flowers in Hawan (Fire Sacrifices) will go a long way to appease Rahu.
  • Charity of black/Cola colour blanket in winter and also using black/Cola Colour blankets for self brings favour of Rahu.

Remedies for Malefic Rahu

Bathe Using the Products Related to Rahu: Dasha of Rahu is said to be the Dasha of mental sufferings. When the planet is not giving favorable results during transit, you should bathe with its products. Put Guggul in the bathing water and bathe with it. Meditate on the lord Rahu at the time of bathing. Bathe with the normal water after this. If you perform this remedy regularly then you will be free from malefic influence of Rahu. The remedy also arouses interest in worship and religious activities.

Donate Products of Rahu: You can donate copper or black sesame on Saturday for the auspiciousness of Rahu. You can donate these products in a temple or to a person in need. Buy and donate the products as per your capability.

Mantra of Rahu: Chanting Vedic Mantra of Rahu and reciting Durga Shlok will be beneficial for you. The Mantra of Rahu is Om Kayanakshachitra Aabhuv Dooni Sada Budhah Sakhah Kaya Shachishthya Vrata. Reciting the Mantra of Rahu during transit helps you reap positive fruits. Chant the Mantra on a fixed time when you can do it comfortably. You should recite only one Mantra in a day. You can start reciting after fixing time and place for chanting. Recite one Mantra for 108 times or more than 108 times in a day.

Yantra of Rahu: Wearing or worshiping Rahus Yantra reduces the malefic effect of Rahu during Dasha or transit.

108 Names of Rahu

Aum rahave namah
Aum saumhikeyaya namah
Aum vidhuntudaya namah
Aum surashatrave namah
Aum tamase namah
Aum phanine namah
Aum gargyaynapa namah
Aum surapye namah
Aum nibajimutasamkashaya namah
Aum caturbhujava namah
Aum khangakhetaka-dharine namah
Aum varadayakahastakaya namah
Aum shulayudhaya namah
Aum megha-varnaya namah
Aum krishna-dhvajapatakavate namah
Aum dakshinashamukharathaya namah
Aum tikshnadamshtakarallakaya namah
Aum shupokarasansthaya namah
Aum gomedha-bharana-priyaya namah
Aum mashapriyaya namah
Aum kashyaparshinandanaya namah
Aum bhujageshvaraya namah
Aum ulkapatayitre namah
Aum shuline namah
Aum nidhipaya namah
Aum krishna-sarpa-raje namah
Aum vishajvalavrita ' asyaya addhashariraya namah
Aum shatravapradaya namah
Aum ravindubhikaraya namah
Aum chaya-svarupine namah
Aum kathinangakaya namah
Aum dvishacchatracchedakaya namah
Aum karallasyaya namah
Aum bhayamkaraya namah
Aum krura-karmane namah
Aum tamo-rupaya namah
Aum shyam-atmane namah
Aum nila-lohitaya namah
Aum kiritine namah
Aum nilavasanaya namah
Aum sanisamntavartmagaya namah
Aum candala-varnaya namah
Aum ashvyriksa-bhavaya namah
Aum mesha-bhavaya namah
Aum shanivat-phaladaya namah
Aum shuraya namah
Aum apasavyagataye namah
Aum uparagakagaya namah
Aum soma-surya-cchavivimardakaya namah
Aum nila-pushpa-viharaya namah
Aum graha-shreshthaya namah
Aum ashtama-grahaya namah
Aum kabamdhamatradehaya namah
Aum yatudhanakulodbhavaya namah
Aum govinda-vara-patraya namah
Aum deva-jati-pravishtakaya namah
Aum kruraya namah
Aum gharaya namah
Aum shanir-mitraya namah
Aum shukra-mitraya namah
Aum agocaraya namah
Aum mani ganga-snanadatre' namah
Aum svagrihe' pravaladhyadaya namah
Aum sad-grihe'anyabaladhrite' namah
Aum caturthe matri-nashakaya namah
Aum candrayukte candalajati sihmajanmane rajyadatre namah
Aum mahakayaya namah
Aum janma-kartre' namah
Aum vidhuripave' namah
Aum madakajnanadaya namah
Aum janmakanyarajyadatre' namah
Aum janmahanidaya namah
Aum navame pitrihantre' namah
Aum pancame' shokadayakaya namah
Aum dhyune' kalatrahantre' namah
Aum saptame kalahapradaya namah
Aum shashthe' vittadatre' namah
Aum caturthe' vairadayaka namah
Aum navame' papadatre' namah
Aum dashame shokadayakaya namah
Aum adau yashah pradatre' namah
Aum ante vairapradayakaya namah
Aum kalatmane' namah
Aum gocaracaraya namah
Aum ghane' kakutpradaya namah
Aum pancame' ghishanashringadaya namah
Aum svarbhanave' namah
Aum baline' namah
Aum maha-saukhya-pradayine' namah
Aum chandra-vairine namah
Aum shashvataya namah
Aum surashatrave' namah
Aum papagrahaya namah
Aum shambhavaya namah
Aum pujyakaya namah
Aum patirapuranaya namah
Aum paithinasakulodbhavaya bhakta-rakshaya namah
Aum rahu-murtaye' namah
Aum sarva-bhishta-phala-pradaya namah
Aum dirghaya namah
Aum krishnaya namah
Aum atanave' namah
Aum vishnu-netraraye' namah
Aum devaya namah
Aum danavaya namah.

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